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The Belonging Space Challenge

How strong is the sense of belonging in your organisation?
Very strong: implicit trust, deep allegiance, people develop long careers
Hmm... Strong in parts or locally, but we can't seem to join it together
Strong: high loyalty, good collaboration, some divisions more than others
Do you mean that our employees have to do what we tell them?
Not sure, mostly people come to work and go home
What are you on about?
Is your company's ethos (values, principles, core beliefs) communicated clearly, consciously and accessibly? Do you explain what you value and why this all matters?
We explain what we value, and why it matters
We tell employees our values
We did values last year, people kind of know
Our code of conduct is on the intranet
I think HR gives something to the new people
Why would we bother with that?
How proud are people to wear a company badge or uniform or to say they work with you?
Hugely proud, given and received with pride: why people choose us
Proud: people don't shout about it, but it's deeply felt
Pretty good, there's some good heritage, but it's not the main motivation
Not really thought about that, I'll have to ask a few people
Not particularly, it's just a uniform for the job, I don't think they give it much thought
They change uniform at work, don't want to wear it in public
If a colleague needs help quickly with an unexpected challenge (eg shifting a big delivery, flood from water mains…) what proportion of your team is likely to drop what they’re doing to offer support?
We'd have a whole gang of support quickly, have to turn people away
A good crowd, we'd pull together to get the job done
Some people would show up, we'd probably manage
No point in sending a message, I'd just ask the people I know will help
Erm... Not sure we'd ever ask anyone
Are you kidding? This lot... Help out?
What does your company appreciate most – hitting sales targets or how you do business?
Both, on a balanced score card. We thank colleagues for upholding our principles
Main accountability is sales, we look at behaviour a bit
We don't really think about it, just hit sales targets
A bit of both, part of our appraisals
If people hit sales targets we can tolerate a bit of bad behaviour
Sales is all that matters, don't distract my team from making money
We have a strong culture of...
Getting on with it
Show me the money
Give me a break, stop banging on about culture
What business opportunity would you say 'no' to?
Anything out of synch with our ethos. Everybody understands the right thing to do
Anything that could damage our reputation or relationships
Something that we knew we couldn't deliver properly
If we might be found out doing something dodgy, or outside the law
Erm... maybe if it looked risky for profitability or could lose us money
Don't be silly, we'd never say 'no': all business is good business
How strong is collaboration between disciplines and divisions in your business?
Very strong, free-flow exchange across any team or location
Mostly good collaboration, stronger between some divisions than others
Mostly close within teams and OK between them, some tension
Poor. It's fragmented, we all work differently, cooperation is tough
Really bad - more isolationism or protectionism, it's 'us and them'
It's gladiatorial combat, you have to know which side you're on
If you ask a few colleagues around you to give a quick rundown of your ethos, principles or values - in their own terms. How many could do it?
Everybody I asked would find it easy and answer confidently
Most people I asked would be able to do it without much trouble
Most people would remember our values statement, some would have to check
People would laugh, we did this at our conference, but they wouldn't remember
Hardly anyone would remember the themes
No-one would know what I was on about
How strong is your Board or Executive Group's sense of the organisation's values? Do they share these values and lead culture by setting good example?
Very strong, unified, lead by example
Quite strong, sometimes different styles
Mixed views, it's a bit confusing
They are sometimes contradictory
They seem to all have different values, not leading by example
A joke. They undermine our company values with their actions
{"name":"The Belonging Space Challenge - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"How strong is the sense of belonging in your organisation?, Is you company's ethos (values, principles, core beliefs) communicated clearly, consciously and accessibly? Do you explain what you value and why this all matters?, How proud are people to wear a company badge or uniform or to say they work with you?","img":""}