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What should you be for Halloween?

What is your favorite chocolate candy?
Hershey's Milk Chocolate
Milky Way
Kit Kat
What is your favorite fruity candy?
Sour Patch Kids
What is your study method?
Do everything the night before.
Study during break.
Study bit by bit over time.
Rely on paying attention in class.
What do you normally do on Halloween?
Go trick or treating!
Hand out candy!
Scare people!
Hang out with friends!
How often do you dress up for school?
Only on game days.
Every day.
Whenever I wake up on time.
Only when I have an outfit planned before.
What is your favorite holiday?
July 4th
Halloween, duh!
New Year's Eve
Pick a Halloween superpower.
Being able to see in the dark.
Never getting sick from too much candy.
Doing perfect special effects makeup.
I just don't like Halloween that much.
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