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How much Elon gear do you own?
An old shirt from orientation may be in my closet somewhere?
A few shirts, a sweatshirt and a little car decal!
Do Fraternity and Sorority Life shirts count as Elon gear? No?
What's your strategy for crossing Haggard during peak traffic hours?
I’ll walk out in front of cars — pretty sure my parents have enough money to sue the driver if they hit me.
Just stand near the street and wait my turn to cross.
Hide myself within a larger group of kids and hope they make it across.
Avoid Haggard Avenue/main campus/human interaction altogether.
What's your go-to "downtown" restaurant choice?
Pandora’s Pies — Dollar Slice Night on Tuesdays is the move.
The Root — I will eat truffle fries until I die.
Tangent — I don’t care if tacos are $4. They are amazing.
Acorn — Please tell my friends to stop hating on their sandwiches.
Where do you do your studying on campus?
The Lib — a classic, even if people talk on the third floor.
Oak House — I promise I got a coffee earlier! I’m not just sitting here without buying anything! Please don’t make me leave!
Harry Potter Reading Room — the coziest spot on campus!
What’s studying…?
Thoughts on college coffee?
I go every week! It’s an Elon tradition!
Sometimes I go if I’m up and out and about. Can’t say no to free coffee.
I usually skip it and go to The Blend for a smoothie bowl instead.
I always sleep through it and I’m not really upset about it.
Pick a show to binge watch while avoiding work:
Broad City
Gossip Girl
BoJack Horseman
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