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Famous Cartoon Voices

Which comedy super-star lent his voice talent to Disney’s 1992 hit movie Aladdin when he provided the voice of the genie?
Robin Williams
Gilbert Gottfried
Mark Hamill
Jerry Seinfeld
Which founder of the world’s most famous animation studio also originally voiced its biggest star, Mickey Mouse?
Walt Disney
Jim Cummings
Mel Blanc
Billy West
Which teen heartthrob became the voice of young Simba in Disney’s 1994 smash hit, The Lion King, loosely based on Hamlet?
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio
Justin Timberlake
Which Hollywood superstar, known for hits like Forrest Gump, became the voice of Woody in Pixar’s first feature film, Toy Story?
Tom Hanks
Patrick Stewart
Tim Allen
Tim Curry
Which actor, most famous for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series, also provides the voice of Joker for animated Batman shows?
Mark Hamill
Harrison Ford
George Clooney
Michael Keaton
Which daytime star played a forgetful fish in two Pixar films, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory?
Ellen DeGeneres
Whoopi Goldberg
Rachel Ray
Which comedy star, known for When Harry Met Sally and Analyze This, became the voice of Mike Wazowski in Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. franchise?
Billy Crystal
John Goodman
Steve Buscemi
Bill Murray
Which blonde actress, known for There’s Something About Mary, left behind her career as a former fashion model when she took on the role of Princess Fiona in the Shrek movies?
Cameron Diaz
Mila Kunis
Gwyneth Paltrow
Reese Witherspoon
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