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What kind of Berlin eater are you?

Where do you shop for groceries?
A) Markthalle IX for small-batch kimchi, Lafayette Gourmet for raw-milk cheeses, Rogacki for smoked fish, Metro for every­thing else! ▲
B) LPG, Bio Company, Denn’s – no icky pesticide residue for me! ■
C) When I’m not raiding the bulk bins at Original Unverpackt, I’m going through the only-sorta-expired supermarket leftovers at SirPlus. ●
D) Let me check this week’s Supermarkt flyers to see what’s on sale... ◆
Your biggest food-related peeve?
A) Tomatoes in winter. I don’t care if they come from an urban farm if they’re tasteless! ▲
B) When cashiers ignore my stainless-steel bento and throw my veggie stir-fry in an ocean-killing plastic box. ●
C) Lattes made with soy milk instead of oat milk. Soy causes cancer! ■
D) When I order a currywurst only to find out it’s vegan. WTF? ◆
What do you order at the bar?
A) A fresh turmeric-ginger shot. Alcohol really messes with my skin tone. ■
B) A glass of natural, vegan Riesling vetted by Weinmoral. ●
C) A large Rollberg on tap, or an Aperol Spritz if I’m feeling fancy. ◆
How do you like your bananas?
A) Grown at Berlin’s Stadtfarm, sustainably fertilised with catfish waste! ●
B) Cheap! Lidl went back on their promise to stock only fair trade bananas, more savings for me! ◆
C) As an amazing slice of banana bread from Black Apron Bakery. ▲
D) Mixed with spirulina in a green smoothie from Daluma. ■
Where do you get your bread?
A) I join the queue for fresh Schrippen at my local Bäckerei. ◆
B) I’m gluten-free, but Aera in Charlotten­burg makes a killer rice-flour sourdough. ■
C) I make my own with the starter I’ve been nurturing for years – and use the leftovers for vegan panzanella. ●
D) Albatross in Graefekiez, or Zeit für Brot in Mitte. I might snag an apple Danish or cin­namon roll while I’m at it. ▲
Choose your last blowout meal of 2019?
A) A three-course vegetarian dinner at Frea. All the resulting waste will be composted! ●
B) Wild boar tartare and house-made pickles at the just-opened Otto. ▲
C) An orgy of salads, bowls and summer rolls at 1990 Vegan Living. ■
D) A huge festive plate of parmesan truffle pasta at my local Trattoria. Same procedure as every year! ◆
Which workshop strikes your fancy?
A) A culinary evening with ZoomFresh, where I can learn Korean home-cooking and exchange tips with my new foodie friends. ▲
B) DIY kombucha at Roy in Weißensee. My gut bacteria’s in need of an overhaul. ■
C) Christmas Baking at Goldhahn & Sampson, so I can get a jump on this year’s batch of cookies before my neighbour Mechthild outdoes me again. ◆
D) An urban permaculture course with CityPlot – learning how to upend our unsustainable industrial farming system is well worth the €300. ●
Choose a new food app!
A) Too Good To Go. Rescue food waste from local restaurants and get a cheap meal – love it! ●
B) DiscoEat. I heard I can get 30 percent off at Schwarze Heidi if I go at 6pm – that’s my normal dinnertime anyway! ◆
C) Does Michelin have their guide in app form yet? ▲
D) 8Fit. Perfect to get meal plans tailored to my ever-changing dietary needs. ■
Do you eat avocados?
A) Why not? With some mayo, it actually tastes okay. ◆
B) Yes, if they’re perfectly ripe and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. ▲
C) Are you kidding? It’s the best source of monounsaturated fatty acids ever! The servers at Avocado Club all know me by name! ■
D) I’d love to, if it weren’t for the cartels in Mexico, the water theft in Chile, the droughts in Spain… ●
Your food-related New Year’s resolution?
A) Cut out caffeine (CBD-infused coffee doesn’t count). ■
B) Start throwing out my Biomüll wrapped in newspaper instead of fake “biodegradable” bags that can’t be recycled. ●
C) Limit my meat intake to my morning Mettstulle and Sunday Kasselerbraten. ◆
D) Finally get into Georgian cuisine – it’s about time I knew my khinkali from my khachapuri. ▲
Your favourite museum food?
A) Café Babette at Kindl, where I can indulge in a raw, vegan, gluten-free slice of chocolate cake. ■
B) At Gropius Bau’s Beba they grow their greens in-house, right in the dining room – how cool is that? ●
C) Sarah Wiener lunch at Hamburger Bahnhof. I’m still dreaming about those fluffy spinach dumplings with frothy alpine cheese and meaty porcini. ▲
D) The Museum for Communication’s all-you-can-eat Thursdays are an awesome deal! ◆
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