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Vacuum Bagging Equipment and Techniques for Room-Temp Applications Quiz

What does the Vacuum Bagging technique accomplish?
A Harder Cure
Maximum Fiber-To-Resin Ratio
Less Materials Used
Saves Money
What is a good target percent for resin content?
What is the first step in creating a successful bagging system?
Selecting a quality Vacuum Pump
Selecting the resin you want to use
Buying a compressor
Choosing your Sealant tape
Which part in a vacuum system allows you to measure the vacuum pressure?
Vacuum Tubing
Vacuum Coupling
Vacuum Gauge
Which of the following can be the first layer that is draped over your wet-laminate in a vacuum bagging system?
A) Release Film
B) Peel Ply
C) Breather Cloth
D) Both A and B
Which of the following material absorbs excess resin from the laminate during a vacuum bagging process?
Release Film
Peel Ply
Breather cloth
Bagging Film
How are Vacuum pumps rated?
Horsepower of the Motor
Type of Pumping Mechanism
Maximum Attainable Vacuum Pressure
All of the Above
What mechanism can be used to reduce vacuum pressure during the vacuum bagging process?
Bleed off Valve Assembly
Vacuum Gauge
Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector
What is the vacuum pressure in a bagging system measured in?
Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)
Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)
Inches of Mercury (“Hg)
None of The Above
Which of the following creates a leak-free union between the vacuum bag and the tubing?
Vacuum Connector
Vacuum Gauge
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