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Cosmo Chapter 2 Life Skills

A set of tools and guidelines for successful living is also knows as:
Life skills
project management
motivational drives
Building self-esteem is important because it:
allows you to procrastinate
ensures always being right
makes you more important
is vital to success
When you build a game plan you are:
being compulsive
consciously planning your life
wasting time
We can achieve greater control over our mental activity when we:
work long hours
criticize ourselves
Motivation is an important factor in learning and usually comes from:
interest in the subject matter
a well-thought-out process
a basic human need
direction from others
When we feel self-love and acceptance, we have satisfied:
emotional needs
physical needs
ethical needs
social needs
Looking inward for new ways of thinking and doing is an example of:
time management
writing a mission statement helps to establish
better communication
understanding of others
values and goals
good technical skills
If a goal seems overwhelming, you can deal with it constructively by:
dividing it into short-term goals
changing your attitude
lowering your goals
When we practice time management, we can use a variety of methods, except for:
taking time-outs
making schedules
{"name":"Cosmo Chapter 2 Life Skills", "url":"","txt":"A set of tools and guidelines for successful living is also knows as:, Building self-esteem is important because it:, When you build a game plan you are:","img":""}
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