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Listening 5
By "Mazin Alzamil"

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1. A family of three accumulated_______ every day
A. a bagful of organic waste
B. three bagfuls of recyclable waste
C. a bagful of recyclable waste
D. three bagfuls of organic waste
2. The speaker was not sure _______.
A. that the waste was actually recycled
B. that the bags were collected
C. that the bags were green
D. that the material was recyclable
3. The author found shops that sold goods _____.
A. for free
B. in small canisters
C. in plastic bags
D. free of packaging
4. A lot is invested in packaging to ________ .
A. make the product more attractive
B. to make you more attractive
C. make the wrapping attractive
D. confuse customers
5. The author thinks that buying goods that are free of packaging _____.
A. saves the environment
B. saves money and protects the environment
C. uses disposable cups and protects the environment
D. protects money and resources
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