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Cosmo Chapter 3 Your Professional Image

As a cosmetologist, your professional image consists of:
technical skills
good looks
outward appearance and conduct
sense of style
The Old English word hal means:
The key to a happy and productive life is:
repressing bed feelings
occasional exercise
the latest diet
achieving balance
Maintaining cleanliness and healthfulness every day is called:
personal sense of style
personal hygiene
dressing for success
personal grooming
One of the basics of personal hygiene is:
daily exercise
following the dress code
daily bathing
wearing perfume
The body's largest organ is the:
In order to look well groomed at all times, the hair requires:
regular shampooing
hair spray
elaborate styling
The foundation of good personal grooming includes:
a youthful look
clean and cared-for clothing
the latest styles
a hip image
When choosing clothes to wear on the job, you must consider:
your personal preferences
the dress code of the salon
the salon's color scheme
the latest styles
When choosing your own hairstyle on the job, always take into consideration:
your hair texture and wave pattern
what your clients want
your coworkers' styles
the latest style
{"name":"Cosmo Chapter 3 Your Professional Image", "url":"","txt":"As a cosmetologist, your professional image consists of:, The Old English word hal means:, The key to a happy and productive life is:","img":""}
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