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The Learning Style Quiz

You are teaching addition to your child... do they:
Ask you to repeat the question or want to clarify what they are supposed to do before they do it?
Need to see you lay out 2 objects and then add 2 more to really understand what the question is asking?
Want to use their hands to try to solve the problem or grab some manipulatives (blocks, sticks, whatever) to figure it out?
You are reading a story, what is your child doing?
Are they jumping up to sit beside you to look at the pictures?
Completely zoning out, jumping on the couch or playing with a toy, not listening AT ALL!
Their eyes aren't necessarily on you but they are calm and listening, they can repeat back to you the story clearly.
You go as a family to the mall, your child:
If they are younger they are all over the place, difficult to contain, if they are older they are touching all the clothes, want to try them on, feeling is very important.
Is quiet, calm, watching people. Doesn't need a whole lot of talk, enjoys just window shopping and looking, attracted to bright displays, etc.
Talks your EARS off! They love being at the mall, they love people and the sounds all around them don't bother them in the least! They are there for the experience and just happy to be around people.
You are cooking with your child. They...
Want to do everything themselves, don't want any help, they love to scoop and stir and mix and get dirty and make a mess! The more action the better!
Want to see the recipe or have you make a list. No matter how many times you tell them they can't remember steps and measurements, they need and want to see them and feel anxious if they cannot.
Take the opportunity to talk. The best part about cooking with you is just the chance to have you alone to talk to. They ask you to repeat the instructions a few times to make sure they have it and then they memorize it really fast!
You are lecturing your child for something they have done wrong. They...
Look into your eyes and listen carefully
Can't make eye contact. They look away
You are dancing with your kids. Your child…
Follows all the moves to the best of their ability. Often (but not always) they don't smile, they don't sing, they focus on the actions so they can get them right!
Dances along, mostly wrong, they are listening to the words and trying to sing along.
Doesn't want to do it until they have watched everyone else for a while.
You are doing an art project together. Your child...
Listens carefully to all the instructions
They don't need to hear you talk at all, just show them an example or let them watch you help another child and they're good.
Ignores you, finds your instructions painfully boring and just dives in!
You are learning about geography, your child would learn best:
creating a playdough map.
Reading or looking at an atlas/globe together or browsing the internet for pictures
Watching a video or talking with you about a different country to visit.
In a group with other children, your child…
Is everywhere, talking with everyone, either the most popular or driving everyone crazy... either way they are making an impression!
Usually finds one person to connect with and goes off with them, talks, builds relationship
Is quieter, in the background, watches everyone and takes their time before establishing connection.
Which statement best represents your child?
My child destroys, pokes, pushes, prods, breaks and messes everything they touch. But they also create and build and mould and design things in a unique and creative way. They love to get in the middle of everything, to be a part of it!
My child is more cautious, quiet, can come across as reserved (even if they aren't at home). They like to watch, write or make lists, read or visualize, plan before they do.
My child is loud or talks seemingly without ceasing. They love to listen and conversation is very important to them. They can often repeat back what I have said word for word and are very aware of verbal tones and cues.
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