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Happy New Year

Who famously hosted "New Year's Rockin' Eve" annually from 1973 through 2004?
Jimmy Carter
Johnny Carson
Dick Clark
Jay Leno
Who are the current hosts of "New Year's Rockin' Eve"?
Ryan Seacrest
George Clooney
Brian Dunkleman
Tim McGraw
What is it called when a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement, or something kind, in the year to come?
A New Year's promise
A New Year's toast
A New Year's resolution
A New Year's treat
What does "Auld Lang Syne" translate to English?
Times Long Past
Kiss Me at Midnight
Happy New Year
Finally, It's Over
What is the Big Times Square New Year's Eve Ball made of?
Waterford Crystals
Diamond Chips
Triangular Glass
Plastic Squares
What time does the New York Times Square ball drop?
What drink is traditionally sipped on New Year's Eve?
Grape Juice
What act of affection is traditionally performed as the clock strikes twelve?
A New Year's kiss
A New Year's Hug
A New Year's High Five
A New Year's Jig
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