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Random TV Trivia

What "Law & Order" star was in the movie "Dirty Dancing" as Baby's dad?
Jerry Orbach
Chris Noth
Benjamin Bratt
Jill Hennessy
On "The Sopranos" what is the name of Christopher Moltisanti's first fiancé?
Adriana La Cerva
Irina Pelstin
Gabriella Dante
Catherine Romano
The show "Sex and the City" premiered on which TV network?
The show "Boston Public" premiered on which TV network?
What "American Idol" star sings the song "Since U Been Gone" on the 2004 album "Breakaway"?
Kelly Clarkson
Fantasia Barrino
Rueben Studdard
Clay Aiken
Which actor most recently played James Bond, starring in "Casino Royale" and "Skyfall"?
Daniel Craig
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Tom Cruise
Where does the TV show "The O.C." take place?
Newport Beach
San Jose
Long Beach
Who created the hit show "American Idol"?
Simon Fuller
Simon Cowell
Dick Clark
Will Smith
Who was the first host of TV's "Saturday Night Live"?
George Carlin
Steve Martin
Chevy Chase
Tom Hanks
Which TV series is about people who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years?
The 4400
Head Cases
Rescue Me
The King Of Queens
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