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Grit & Grace Events Co Packages

Are you engaged?
Yes, duh. Got that bling.
Pretty much - I know where the ring is hidden and we’re like pretty much there.
Not yet!
Do you have your venue booked?
Yes! Got it on lock.
I think I know which one I love, but I’m not certain.
Nope, I literally have no idea.
Have you booked vendors (photographer, florist, DJ, etc.) already?
Yes! I booked them and AM STOKED.
Almost - we know who we love + who we want to hire but, we’re not officially booked yet.
Nope. I’m a little lost + don’t know where to start!
Do you have a set (or estimated) budget?
Yes! We know what we want to spend + are sticking to it!
Not really.
Nope, I have no idea
Do you have a vision or design in mind?
Yes! I have the colors and design on lock.
Kind of - I know what I don’t like for sure and some of the things that I do love!
Nope, not really.
How much are you wanting and able to invest in a wedding planner/ coordinator?
$1,200 - $1,700
$2,000 - $3,000
$3,000 +
Do you have connections and people who you are ready and able to work with for the wedding?
Yes! I know my people.
Not quite - it’s really on us.
Nope. None!
How much involvement do you want in wedding planning?
A ton! I really want to do it all, I just want some guidance.
Some, for sure. But, I have the time am ready to jump head first into wedding planning!
Not much, really. I obviously want to be part of all decisions, but I want to be able to articulate and share my vision and trust that my planner is on it!
I want something in between all these things.
When it comes to planning, I got it on lock. But, honestly, want someone to handle all the things when it comes to decor + design + the overall feel of the day .
How long do have until you get married?
3 months or less
3 - 6 months
6 + months
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