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Which Welly Beer are you?

1. You swiped right and matched! Whats your first date proposal?
The Drive-In for a double feature
A scenic drive to Niagara for a winery tour
A daytime picnic on the river
RiotAxe followed by dancing at Royal Electric
Dinner at Baker Street Station and then to the Bookshelf for a movie
A Jay’s game
2. Which outfit do you feel most comfortable parading around in?
Blundstones and a comfy knit sweater
Boardshorts or thong bikini
Ripped jeans and a slayer tee
Cute sundress or hawaiian button-down
Tux n’ tails or ballroom gown
HIking boots and a Tilley hat
3. Your favourite animal is:
4. Your Ideal Sunday Morning includes:
In line at the trendy new must-go brunch destination
Doesn’t matter, as long as mimosas are involved
Hiking along the river with a dear friend
A brisk walk with Shaggy to the dog park
Hittin’ up the farmer’s market for locally sourced dinner ingredients
Black coffee, good book and a Beethoven record spinning
5. It's your birthday! What special birthday meal do you request from your SO?
Bangers & mash
BBQ ribs n’ slaw
Veggie pad thai
Beef stew
Tacos, duh
Creme brulee
6. Your 2020 resolution includes getting active by:
Ultimate frisbee
Flow yoga
Mountain biking the trails
Co-ed soccer
7. Your go-to album is by:
Mac DeMarco
Jimmy Buffet
Miles Davis
Bob Dylan
Tribe Called Quest
8. You’re typical role on cottage weekend with friends is:
Organizing everything all the time
Life of the party, of course
Watching the sunset with your bestie
Firemaster, nobody touches the pit!
Reading the newspaper on the dock
DJing your own choices
Holding besties’ hair over the toilet
Dancefloor. ALL NITE.
Requesting that hot new track the DJ doesn’t have
Perusing the whisky menu
Chatting up the bouncer about his newborn
10. Stranded on a deserted island, you can be found:
Building a radio out of plane wreckage
What? No Mai Tai’s?
Searching for a clean water source
Climbing up high in hopes of getting a wifi signal
Scouring the shoreline for beach glass
Building a signal fire
{"name":"Which Welly Beer are you?", "url":"","txt":"1. You swiped right and matched! Whats your first date proposal?, 2. Which outfit do you feel most comfortable parading around in?, 3. Your favourite animal is:","img":""}