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What type of people pleaser are you?
Please just pick the answer closest to your reaction to the situation.

The sports team needs a team mom:
You have a ton of other stuff going on but will agree if they ask you.
You have already started the duties before anyone stated the need
You hope someone else is team mom but they pick you to organize the party and fun stuff.
You will sit back and wait till nothing gets done so you can take it over.
You love the thought of being team mom but then realize you have to tell other parents what to do and decide you can't do that.
You will miss that meeting to ensure you are not asked and have to say no.
Kids have a school project:
You eagerly agree to help but have no idea how to fit it into your schedule.
You do the project while the kids are at school to surprise them.
You decide to do the project and consult Pinterest for ideas.
You are planning how you will complete it at the last minute when your child forgets to do it.
You have ideas but don't want to express them for fear the kids won't like them.
You allow them to do it alone while you stay out of the area to avoid being asked to help.
Your kid forgets their homework
You make a special trip across town to deliver it.
You take it to them even though it makes you late for an important meeting.
Impossible! You placed it in their backpack the night before.
You knew it would happen so you waited at home for them to call you.
You make all calls go to voicemail before you respond to anything. You don't have to tell them no if they can't get ahold of you.
You decide it's better to take it and not risk them being upset with you.
Fundraiser bake sale
You take on the organization of it along with your other volunteer duties.
You stay up late into the night baking dozens of items to sell.
You ask all your friends and family which item you they like the most to insure your baked good is well received.
You buy extra items on the day of the sale because your sure others didn't deliver as promised.
You write a check instead of bringing anything or telling them no.
You are hoping no one finds out you love to bake. What if they don't like what I bake?
Your friend starts a direct sales business
You offer to help her for free.
You buy her products even though you do not need them.
You start organizing everything for her.
You worry what will happen to her if not successful.
You never ask her about it. Then she can't ask to buy or join!
You love what she is doing but don't think you could ever put yourself out there and do it also.
Your husband is late for dinner
You feed the kids but wait to eat with him.
You make everyone wait, so your husband knows you will go hungry for him.
You pull out the fancy dishes to serve it since you have extra time to do so.
You start looking for something new to cook so he has a fresh meal.
You leave his food on the stove while you eat with the kids.
You feel relieved! You don't have to apologize if he doesn't like it..
On a rainy day, your kids run through the house and muddy the floors you just cleaned. And, you have company coming tonight
You clean it and say nothing to anyone.
You clean it while huffing and puffing but don't ask for help. You make sure everyone knows you are upset!
You decide to do a deep clean since it got messed up.
You expected someone would mess things up! You take out the "Clean Up Kit" you had readied and get to work. Good thing you set time aside already!
You decide to cancel since the house is dirty now.
You wipe up the worst and figure they will judge you anyways.
You're so tired you're about to pass out! In fact, you nodded off during that meeting at work
You prepare dinner and go to the school party planning committee meeting you volunteered for.
You call your husband on the way home and tell him how tired you are. He offers to pick up dinner but you insist on cooking.
You refresh your make-up to wake up and prepare a complicated meal.
You cook dinner and take a nap while others are eating. Then wake-up when they finish to do the dishes.
You cook the meal and never mention you are tired..
You pick-up drive through on the way home then head to bed.
You've been gaining weight and feeling low energy for months now. You think:
You have been busy volunteering lately and should let some volunteer positions go. You don't do it.
You think It's just because your getting older. I just have to deal with it.
You need to exercise more so you start looking for the perfect exercise program.
The family has been eating the wrong food so you decide you better find healthier recipes vs go to bed on time.
Your glad your clothes were too big already so no one notices.
You look for easy ways to lose weight vs making diet and exercise changes.
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