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What is your Zodiac Sign?

You're at a party with some friends, what would you do?
Mind your own business, you're only there for the snacks.
You run the party, though it's not yours...
You hang out with everyone since they're all your friends.
You hang out with one or two of your friends.
You're home alone, what do you do?
Play on my phone, nothing better to do.
Roam the house, maybe find a snack.
Start a new craft, I love making new things!
Hide under the blanket, you never know what may happen.
How many friends do you have?
One. I like being able to trust someone.
NOBODY, you can't trust anyone.
Maybe 2-5, just a small group of good friends.
Everyone I meet is my friend! I love meeting new people.
Do you play sports?
Nah, too much work when I could do other things.
Maybe one or two, but not anymore.
I love sports, I play so many.
I'm really good at sports!
Which job do you like the most?
A retailer, nothing like selling some goods!
An accountant, I get to be alone and do some math.
A business owner, I run the place inside and out!
An artist, I love letting people see my hard work!
What is your role in a group project?
I'm the head leader, I run this town.
I don't do much, I just mind my own business but contribute once to get a good grade.
I'm the smarts behind it all.
I'm the artsy one!
Your friend is very sad, what would you do?
I let them have their space, they should be able to figure it out.
I comfort them, they might need someone to talk too.
I talk to them about their problems and give advice.
I tell them to cheer up and go watch a movie so they can forget about it.
How would your friend describe you?
Clever, lone-worker, kind
Kind but fierce, Sensitive, Smart and Loyal, Introvert.
A Leader, compassionate, intelligent, hard-working.
Assertive, Talented, Friendly. Extroverted.
How does the picture above make you feel?
Like I need a new pair of eyes.
If you see someone being bullied, what do you do?
Stand up to the bully.
Grab an adult.
Just watch.
Record the scenario. TikTok will love this!
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