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What is your age range?
When would you like to retire?
1 - 10 years
11 - 20 years
21 - 30 years
30+ years
Already retired
What is your most important financial goal right now?
Managing my budget (I'm not a great saver!)
Saving for a home, car or a big purchase
Getting married or starting a family
Looking for more investment strategies
Getting a head start on retirement planning (I'm young, but I like to plan early!)
Analyzing pension, social security, and retirement account options
Long-term care planning
Making sure I'm prepared for my upcoming retirement
What is your primary goal when it comes to your investments?
Which best describes how you keep track of your investments
Watching CNBC or other financial news daily
Reviewing account statements monthly
Reviewing account statements only when they get mailed quarterly
Reviewing account statements 1 or 2 times per year
I check my apps or online accounts here and there
I can't remember the last time I looked at my statements!
What grade would you give your financial situation?
How do you currently invest?
Employer retirement plan only (401k, 403b, etc.)
CD's, Bank Savings and Checking accounts
Investment apps such as Stash, Robinhood, etc.
Multiple investment accounts listed above
I've never invested
Do you feel like you are currently on track for your desired retirement?
No way!
Not sure
How do you manage your budget?
I use Mint or other budgeting apps
I keep spreadsheets of all my expenses
I look at my expenses here and there but do not stick to a budget
I'm not the best at managing my money right now
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