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How well do you know Pete?

What's your name? (this will be used in case you get a certificate for your score)
What are Pete's favorite colors?
blue, purple, yellow and green
red, orange, yellow and white
black, purple, blue and green
yellow, green, orange and red
black, white, orange and green
What are Pete's favorite emojis?
😎, 💙, ✨ and 👀
👀, ✨, 🥺 and 😔
🏳️‍🌈, 😅, 😜 and 😍
😎, 😍, ✨ and 💙
😍, 😔, 🥺 and 👀
What was the name of Pete's childhood dog?
Pete has one big, weird fear. what is it?
short women
being forgotten
closed spaces
tall buildings
Out of the following list, select all the albums that are on Pete's "Top 10" (as of 2019)
Sun Kil Moon - Among The Leaves
Mark Kozelek - Rock 'n' Roll Singer
Red House Painters - Rollercoaster
Timmy Sells His Soul - Compulsory Pleasure
Nadia Oh - Hot Like Wow
The Beatles - Meet The Beatles
Merzbow - Animal Magnetism
Radiohead - OK Computer
Tall Firs - Ghostlight Ensemble
June Lalonde - Floating Rooms
Yves Tumor - Experiencing the Deposit of Faith
Enya - Shepherd Moons
Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness
Does Pete like spicy food?
If Pete had to get one salty snack, what would it be?
cheddar popcorn
stackable chips
saltine crackers
ramen noodles
If Pete had to get one sweet snack, what would it be?
Pete has one very controversial music opinion. Which one is it?
Radiohead's "OK Computer" is not that good
Pink Floyd's "The Wall" is their best album
Nadia Oh invented PC Music
Lana Del Rey is underrated
Blank Banshee is underrated
Pete's character and secondary fursona "Sam" is a deer that travels around his home country on his van. What is his home country?
New Zealand
When was Pete born?
on a fresh September night
on a cold July morning
on a hot February day
on a cloudy May afternoon
on a windy November night
Where would Pete prefer to spend a holiday in?
the mountains
the sea
the city
at home
on the pool
Pete was on one fandom when he was younger. Which one was it?
the Sonic fandom
the Doctor Who fandom
the Steven Universe fandom
the Harry Potter fandom
the My Little Pony fandom
Pete collects many things, but one of his most interesting collections is:
his tiny figurine collection
his mug collection
his nail clipping collection
his found playing cards collection
his dried flower collection
Last question! What is Pete's favorite thing to bake?
cinnamon rolls
lemon meringue pie
{"name":"How well do you know Pete?", "url":"","txt":"What's your name? (this will be used in case you get a certificate for your score), What are Pete's favorite colors?, What are Pete's favorite emojis?","img":""}
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