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UX Trivia Quiz #5 by Tom Tullis

What famous industrial designer designed these pitchers? She was primarily known for her work with ceramics.
Eva Zeisel
Rei Kawakubo
Eileen Gray
Florence Knoll
What is skeuomorphism?
The design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts.
The change in an individual's responses due to a confirmation bias.
An attempt to bias the interpretation of data by how it is presented.
The process of removing outliers from data.
Before tablet or laptop computers, who described a device called the Dynabook (illustrated here) in a 1972 proposal entitled "A personal computer for children of all ages"?
Alan Kay
Steve Jobs
Don Norman
Marilyn Tremaine
Also called the observer effect, what is it called when individuals modify an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed?
Hawthorne effect
Likert effect
Stevens effect
Parsons effect
In testing the effectiveness of two on-screen ads you find that one got a click rate of 1.8% and the other got a click rate of 1.2%. What statistical test could you use to see if that difference is significant?
Spearman test
Tukey's HSD
Multiple regression
What are these round ideograms called that are used to represent the degree to which a given item meets a certain criterion, typically in a comparison table?
Harvey Balls
Pie Circles
Ainsley Balls
Quarter Pictograms
Who wrote the book, 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People?
Susan Weinschenk
Jesse James Garret
Steve Krug
Mary Czerwinski
A classic study from 2000 compared sales of jams from times where free samples of 24 jam varieties were offered vs. times where only 6 were offered. How did the jam sales compare?
Times with 6 jams had significantly more sales
Times with 24 jams had significantly more sales
There was no difference
Times with 24 jams tended to have more sales but it wasn't significant
According to StatCounter, when did mobile and tablet internet usage exceed desktop usage for the first time worldwide?
October 2016
March 2017
June 2015
Mobile/tablet has not yet exceeded desktop
In a traditional color wheel (as shown here), what are colors that are opposite each other called?
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