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Let's test your new Health Savings knowledge!

One of the money-saving features your BaZing customers receive is a Health Savings Card. What benefits come along with this card?
Pharmacy, vision, dental
Hearing, dental, pharmacy
Pharmacy, vision, hearing
Dental, hearing, pharmacy
The BaZing Health Savings Card covers everyone in your household, even if they are not a signer on the account.
Where can customers access their BaZing Health Savings Card?
Print a hard copy from the "Categories" section on
Call 855-UBAZING to receive a card via mail
Use the electronic version located in the "More" section on the BaZing mobile app
All of the above
What type of vision services can you save money on by using your BaZing Health Savings Card?
Frames and lenses
Eye exams
Contact lenses
LASIK surgery
All of the above
Can you use both the BaZing Health Savings Card and your insurance to double save on pharmacy, vision and hearing services?
Yes, you can use both and double dip
No. You are only able to use one or the other, but be sure to get your BaZing Health Savings Card on file with all your providers. That way the next time you visit, they can automatically select the program that will save you the most. Sometimes it’s your insurance and other times it’s the BaZing Health Savings Card.
What is your first and last name?
What is your work email address?
What is the name of your financial institution?
{"name":"Let's test your new Health Savings knowledge! - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"When you activate customers in BaZing, one of the money-saving benefits they receive is a Health Savings card. What benefits do they receive with this card?, The BaZing Health Savings card covers everybody in your household, even if they are not a signer on the account, What are the different ways customers can access their BaZing Health Savings card? Check all that apply.","img":""}