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What are Prepregs?

What is the common term for a reinforcing fabric which has been pre-impregnated with a resin system?
None of the above
Which type of Resin is typically used in a Prepregs?
Vinyl Ester
Gel Coat
What is one advantage to using Prepregs?
Long Shelf Life
Maximum strength properties
All of the above
What is required to fully cure Prepreg?
A) Heat
B) Pressure
C) Humidity
D) Both A and B
When curing Prepregs, you always want to ramp up at a rate of no more than what temperature?
5 degrees F
10 degrees F
15 degrees F
20 degrees F
What is the ideal tool to use to cure Prepreg?
Heat Gun
Baking Oven
What can you do to extend the life of your Prepreg material?
Store it outside
Freeze it
Keep it wet
None of the Above
What is a disadvantage to using Prepregs?
Long Shelf Life
Very messy
Less cure time
What is the typical method used to apply pressure to your Prepreg when it is curing?
Vacuum Infusion
Hand layup
Vacuum Bagging
Using a Press
How do you prepare your mold to be used with Prepregs?
Wax and coat with PVA*
Apply new Gel coat
Sand with 100 grit
All of the above
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