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Which Avenger am I?

Which of these would your parents say best describes you?
I need to express my feelings more
How I feel about myself depends too much on how my friends feel about me
I am good at expressing feelings, but sometimes get overly emotional
I’m too hard on myself
What would you say your biggest weakness is?
I tend to be stubborn and hate admitting I’m wrong
I quit easily and become hopeless
I’m insecure and overthink things
I lie a lot about who I am
Which of these words would your friends most likely use to describe you?
One of the fears I have a lot is:
If I deal with all my feelings it will hurt too much
If I actually try, I might fail
If I let go of control of my life, I’ll fall apart
If people knew the real me, I would be alone
If you could make a movie about your life, what genre would it be?
Which of these would you most likely want to do if you had the infinity gauntlet? (aka you have infinite power)
All my problems go away
Everyone likes me
I become successful in everything I do
I get a clean slate
What emotion do you tend to feel the most each day?
It feels like your friend is avoiding you and you don’t know why. How do you deal with it?
Distract myself with something fun
Think of all the things you could have done wrong and obsess over them
Send a paragraph text about all your feelings
Give them a taste of their medicine and avoid them back
The person you like just came up and told you that they like your friend. What do you do?
Move on and convince yourself you didn’t like them that much anyway
Eat a tub of ice cream and binge-watch Netflix for the next two weeks to get over it.
Keep flirting - you could still win them. It’s not over till it’s over!
Find all the reasons in your head why they shouldn’t like your friend to make yourself feel better.
When I walk into a crowded room, I tend to be…
In the middle of the action
With a couple close friends
On the wall trying to figure out where I fit in
Scoping out the food table
What type of people do you tend to be friends with?
People who like the same things you like
People who listen to you
People who support you
People you can be real with
You’re with a group of friends and no one is talking. What do you do?
Make a joke to break the tension
It’s never quiet when I’m around! I always have something to say.
Anxiously try to figure out what to say to break the silence
I’m fine with silence, no one needs to talk
What do you think your most useful asset would be if you joined the Avengers?
Your toughness
Your enthusiasm
Your ambition
Your loyalty
{"name":"Which Avenger am I?", "url":"","txt":"Which of these would your parents say best describes you?, What would you say your biggest weakness is?, Which of these words would your friends most likely use to describe you?","img":""}
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