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Which "The Office" Character Are You?

What is your dream wedding destination?
Near a body of water
In a barn
In a foreign country
What would you bring for a holiday gift exchange?
Something homemade
Something over the price limit
You forgot to buy a gift, so you grab something that is lying around your house
I do not participate
What is your downfall in relationships?
Care more than the other person
Standards are too high
Lose interest easily
Would you be in an office relationship?
Which food would you choose?
Fettuccine Alfredo
If you knew about a secret affair, what would you do?
Accidently tell
Keep it to yourself
Use it as blackmail
Purposely tell
Which Halloween costume would you choose?
Famous singer
Movie character
An animal
No costume
If you were creating a fundraiser, which cause would it be for?
Animal shelter
Medical research
Art programs
A community garden
{"name":"Which \"The Office\" Character Are You? - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"What is your dream wedding destination?, What would you bring for a holiday gift exchange?, What is your downfall in relationships?","img":""}