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Should You Be Your Own Boss?

It’s Friday night and you don’t have any plans. What do you do?
Call one of my pals and make plans to head out, obviously.
Hop online to read the latest gossip and maybe watch some YouTube while scrolling.
Friday night free? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to hit my to-do list.
The hardest part of a new project is what?
Figuring out where to start and staying motivated throughout the process.
Trying to get it right and figure out the best process. I’m frustrated when I know I could do better.
Continuing to work when I’d rather be doing something else. If something takes too long I get distracted and give up.
In a group, you're usually…
The one in charge.
The hype man.
Down for whatever but not making plans.
What does a typical morning look like for you?
Wake up, rush out of bed, maybe brush my teeth before heading straight to work.
Wake up nice and slow, grab my coffee and read the news quick before going to work.
My mornings are everything to me! Without my morning routine, I’d probably go nuts.
How do successful people get what they want?
Mostly luck. They’re born into it or meet someone important along the way who gives them their big break.
It’s a mixture of a few things: luck, hard work, and knowing the right people.
They believe they can and then they learn how to. Gratitude is key, along with continued education.
As far as your health goes, what’s closest to your truth?
My body is my most important tool—I eat what makes me feel good & fuels me best. I take care to exercise daily and prioritize my sleep. Health is one of my top priorities.
Health is important, but it’s not my biggest concern. I try to eat decent and drink water when I can. If I get to the gym, great! If not, oh well.
I don’t have time to think about health—I eat what’s convenient, I exercise if I’m free and feel like it, and I sleep enough to make it through.
Take a look at your current circle of friends, what do you see?
Tons of really fun people who are always down to adventure and party. They make me laugh and feel good but we’re not close on a deep level—I wouldn’t tell them my deepest secrets.
A few motivated and hardworking people who encourage me to show up as my best-self every day. They’re kind and make me feel good, but they’re not afraid to push me.
My circle is more like a rotating door…my friends are constantly changing and depend entirely on what I’m doing with my life at that time. Sometimes, it’s just me, myself, and I.
Do you have someone in your life who’s older and wiser than you that acts as a mentor?
Yes! And I speak to them weekly.
No—but I wish! I’m currently keeping my eyes peeled for one.
A mentor? Does my mom count…?
What does your planner or calendar look like?
If I had one, I’d let you know.
Chuck full! Organized and neat. I don’t miss anything. Organization is key.
I almost always write things down…but I sometimes forget to look and then I end up missing something. But for the most part, I’m organized AF.
Why do you want to be your own boss?
I know I’m meant to lead. I feel drawn to a role where I can impact people on a daily basis through my knowledge and skills. I have the necessary tools to build an incredibly successful business and thrive as an entrepreneur.
I think it’d be really cool to be my own boss. I’m good at time management and I’m pretty self-motivated. I have skills that other people would pay for—so why not?
I hate my current job. If I were my own boss, I’d be in complete control of my time and wouldn’t have to listen to someone else. And working from home would be cool.
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