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How Mood + Brain Healthy is your Diet?

How often do you eat whole grains or pseudograins? (e.g. brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat etc)
Never or rarely, I prefer pasta, white rice or couscous
Often, a couple of times a week
Almost every day
How often do you eat fatty plant foods like avocado or olives?
Rarely or never
Sometimes, maybe 2-3 times a month
Frequently, like once a week
More than once a week
How often do you eat Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel or fresh tuna?
Hardly ever or never
Once or twice a month
Once a week
Twice or more a week
When you eat fish what form is it usually?
Canned fish, tuna sandwich filler etc
Battered, crumbed or breaded or in fishcakes
Usually just a frozen or storebought fillet pan fried or grilled
Fresh, wild caught, sometimes raw
I don't eat fish
Do you take fish oil or omega 3 supplements?
Yes every day, or just on the days I don't eat fish
What are your favourite vegetables?
Mainly the basics like potatoes and tomatoes
I like a few vegetables and generally stick to the same ones every week
I eat a range of vegetables (usually up to 10 different kinds) but there are still quite a few I don’t eat or like
I eat a wide range of vegetables (more than 10 different types each week) and there aren’t many I won’t eat
How often do you eat leafy green (brocolli, kale, spinach etc) or cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, sprouts, cabbage)?
Rarely or never
Once in a while, mainly lettuce
Frequently, like a couple of times a week
Every day or almost every day
How often do you eat low GI fruit like berries or citrus fruit?
Rarely or never
Once in a while
Once or twice a week
More than twice a week
How often do you eat frozen fruit and vegetables?
Rarely or never
Occasionally, once or twice a month
Frequently - maybe once a week
Often, like 3-4 times a week or more
Do you eat organic?
I’m not overly concerned but I’ll eat organic foods when available
I buy as much organic as I can afford and the rest non-organic
Almost always
How often do you eat white-flour breads, pastas or pizza, pastries, pies, donuts or muffins?
Rarely (a couple of times a month) or never
Once a week or less
3-4 times a week
Every day, or close to.
How often do you eat legumes like lentils, beans or chickpeas?
Rarely or never
A couple of times a month
About once a week
Twice a week or more
Are nuts a regular part of your diet?
Only if you count peanuts and peanut butter
I’ll have nuts occasionally
I eat nuts often as snacks and/or added to meals
Are seeds, especially flax, chia, sesame or hemp seeds a regular part of your diet?
I don’t even know what some of those are!
I have them occasionally, a couple of times a month
I eat seeds often, a couple of times a week
I include them regularly - most days
How often do you eat fermented foods? (kefir, sauerkraut, pickled foods, kimchi, tempeh)
Rarely or never
Once in a while, usually if something I buy comes with pickles
Once a week
Do you eat yoghurt?
Often - the flavoured, fruit filled kind
Often - plain unsweetened is for me!
How often do you eat red meat and/or pork?
Never or once in a blue moon
A couple of times a month
A couple of times a week
I eat these daily
How often do you eat lean protein (poultry, eggs, tofu or tempeh) other than red meat or fish?
I’m vegan and only eat a little soy product
A couple or a few days a week
Usually at least one off the list every day
Every meal
What’s your favourite cheese to eat?
Cheese slices, string cheese or spreadable ‘american’ cheese
Regular cheddar blocks
I eat fresh creamy cheese like brie or camembert
Sheeps/Goats milk cheese, or feta, or aged cheeses
I don’t eat cheese
How often do you eat deli meats, ham, sausages, bacon, salami slices?
Never/ very rarely
A few times a month
Once a week or so
If you eat meat what do you choose?
Only commercially raised meat, never organic - it’s too expensive and I’m not really sure it’s any different!
Mostly regular meat, the occasional organic option if I eat out
Occasionally commercially raised meat if I don’t have access to organic
Organic, pasture raised meat
Are you concerned with trans fats?
I don’t know what they are
I’m not overly concerned but I choose butter over margarine
I avoid them if I can and compare labels for the better option
I’m an avid label reader and don’t eat any foods that contain trans fats
Do you use spices and herbs in your cooking?
Rarely or never
Sometimes if they come in a flavour sachet or mix I’m using
Once a week or so
Most days
How often do you drink fruit juices (including freshly juiced from the juice bar)?
Never or rarely
A couple of times a month
Sometimes, a couple times a week
Every day
How often do you drink red wine?
Never or rarely
Less than one glass daily
One glass daily
More than one glass daily
Other than red wine, how often do you drink other alcohol?
I don’t drink at all, or only on special occasions (a couple of times a year)
Mostly socially, a couple of times a month
Once or twice a week
Most days or every day
On a daily basis, how many cups of coffee do you have?
Just the one
2 or 3
What would best describe your preferred beverage choice?
Just a herbal tea, plain tea or coffee. If I have milk its organic
Whatever it is it’s always with sugar
Chai or matcha latte with plant milk
One of starbucks specialty flavoured lattes or a mocha
I don't drink hot drinks
What’s your sweetener of choice?
Honey or nothing
Sweeteners like splenda, sweetnlow
White or brown sugar or Syrups - maple or pancake syrup
How often do you enjoy sweets or desserts?
Rarely or a couple of times a month
Maybe once a week
Frequently 2-4 times a week
Almost every day (I have a sweet tooth!)
Do you often eat too much food and feel stuffed or sleepy afterwards?
Rarely or never
Occasionally, maybe a couple of times a month, but I’m usually good at knowing when to stop
Often on weekends, holidays or when eating out
Quite often, sometimes I have to take antacids
Do you often snack after dinner late into the evening?
Very occasionally when watching a movie or out
Often on the weekends
Most nights
How long is there between your last bite of food or drink in the evening and your first food or drink the next day?
Less than 8 hours
8-12 hours
12 - 16 hours
More than 16 hours (I have a tendency to skip meals and not eat for long stretches)
Do you cook your own meals or eat out or buy ready made food?
I never or very infrequently cook my own meals
Eat out a lot but I usually cook at least dinner.
I cook my own unless I’m short on time or forget then I’ll grab something. I usually have a meal out on the weekends.
Always cook my own meals, I only eat out on special occasions
Do you sit down and eat your meals at a table?
Every meal
Most meals I get a chance to sit down, but sometimes I’m eating on the go
Most meals I’m eating on the go. I might sit down for dinner with family or friends once or twice a week
I’m pretty much always eating on the run or while watching tv, working or driving
What is your most typical snack?
I don’t snack
Candy or something sweet
Cheese and crackers, chips, pretzles etc
A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts or a boiled egg
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