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What egirl are you?

What game do you play often?
The Sims
League Of Legends
On twitter, what group would you be in?
Memer egirls Twitter
Thicc Queens Twitter
"skksksksksk" Fandom
"Feet pics $20 DM Me" Twitter
On this scale, how often do you complain online about problems that no one cares about?
Which type of Eboy is the hottest?
White edgy eboy who says the N word
Lightskins who only watch Naruto
Guys who look like they haven't showered and paint their nails to look cool
Submissive beta cucks who fill your ego
How do you feel about women, POC, transgender people?
I am very insecure and I make fun of them to get the edgy racist white boys to love me
Men are TRASH!
What does POC mean?
How do you use discord?
I am in 30+ discords, many of them are about egirls cus I'm selfaware that I am living cancer
I only use it with friends and I never use VC
The server I am most active in is my personal diary
I don't use discord
Who do you "stan"?
Shane Dawson
Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
My juul
Do you have an online eboy?
Yes, and he is my boyfriend
I have 12 and they all send me money
I am gay
I wish I did but I am too depressed
Where do you get the most attention from?
Most of the attention comes from underage boys
I don't get much attention because I hang out with people who don't care that I am a girl online
No one knows I am a girl because I am too scared to get spammed
I am currently ignoring 40 pms
Are you currently in an online community?
Yes, I also hold a staff position
Yes, but I rarely do anything in it
No but I go around a lot of communities
I am banned from 5/6 of the communities so no
What is your snapchat score?
In the community you are in, if any, who are your friends?
Not in one
Higher ups, only staff people
Lower Staff members
Staff people are scary
Which snapchat filter do you like the most?
The dear one with leaves
heart crown thing
dog thot
not a filter but still makes you look cuter
What is your favorite holiday?
Have you slept with more men on discord than you have in real life?
How many Items have you been given from eboys?
I use my own money
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