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How well are you prepared for Corona Virus COVID-19 Outbreak?

Which of these are possible symptoms of COVID- 19?
nose bleed, fever, pains
difficulty breathing, fever, Cough
cough, bleeding, runny nose
heart failure, cough, sweating, headache
Symptoms of COVID- 19 may appear when?
Immediately after infection
2 – 3 days
A few hours after Infection
2 – 14 days
At what distance can one catch the infection person-to-person?
A kilometer
3 feet
Within about 6 feet
10 feet minimum
You cannot contact the virus this way
Contact with infected objects
Respiratory droplets from infected person
Talking to infected person
A kiss from infected person
Which one of these is not a preventive measure?
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
Drink alcohol for system sterilization
Avoid Public places when sick
Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes
Which of these is TRUE about COVID- 19?
Only affects 19 year olds and above
It can be cured through proper hygiene
Some people are immune to the disease
It currently has no antiviral treatment
What should one do if one notices symptoms of respiratory illness, shortness of breath, and cough?
isolate yourself and contact a healthcare professional
Go to a public place and make the announcement
Do a quick exercise to sweat off the symptoms
Travel to other countries
Discontinuing home isolation for infected persons is okay if…
The infected person no longer has a cough
Only after consultation with healthcare providers and state health department
If the infected person has a business appointment
If the Infected person is wearing a mask
How can communicators and other public health official help counter the stigma during a COVID- 19 response?
Share the stories of those seeking healthcare on social media
Tell others to beware of the infected person
Handle all cases with extreme prejudice
Maintain privacy and extreme confidentiality of people who seek medical healthcare
What is a novel Corona Virus?
A new type of Corona Virus that has only just been identified
A resilient Corona virus
A Virus related to common cold
A Virus that is mostly found in cold regions
The Acronym “WUHAN” coined to protect one’s self from Corona virus means?
Wash hands, Use Ointment, Have mask handy, Avoid water droplets, and Never hold hands
Wear thick clothes, Understand the virus, Have a plan, Attend meetings, Never drink alcohol
Win the race, Use your Skills, Have a goal, Answer questions, Nail your pitch
Wash hands, Use masks properly, Have temperature checked, Avoid large crowd, Never touch face with unclean hands.
Which one of these is a wrong representation of the novel Corona virus?
An infected person who does not show any signs or symptoms can infect a healthy person
Can a product shipped from china over a period of days to weeks carry the COVID- 19 virus?
High risk
Low risk
Depends on the packaging
It is still unknown
How is COVID-19 spread?
Which one of these preventive measures is not recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)?
Clean frequently touched objects routinely
Respiratory etiquette
Voluntary Home Isolation
Upload videos of breakouts for public awareness
In cases of COVID-19 community outbreak, all of these MUST be conducted by public health authorities EXCEPT
Cancelation of mass gatherings
Closure of social and educational facilities
Door-to-door search for infected persons
Create remote channels for communication
All these are recommended strategies for organizations and employers to use EXCEPT
Encourage remote work
Demand a medical report from all employees
Emphasize the need for employees to stay home when sick
Enforce routine environmental cleaning
Can animals Spread COVID- 19?
How Long can the Corona virus COVID- 19 survive outside a host?
The exact period is yet unknown
48 hours
Over a week
The virus remains alive till it finds a new host
When wearing a medical mask, one should wear the white side out if?
One is sick and doesn’t want to spread germs around
One is recovering from an illness
One is a medical practitioner
One is not sick and wants to stop germs from getting in
Antibiotics are effective against Corova virus, TRUE or FALSE?
Can thermal Scanners detect the Corona virus infection?
Thermal scanners can detect high temperatures but not the Corona virus
Thermal scanners can detect Corona virus due to its ability to detect high temperatures
Thermal scanners can detect only the critical phase of the infection
Thermal scanners can only detect the initial stage of the Corona virus infection
What should one do if one comes in contact with an infected person?
Report to a religious leader
Isolate one’s self and contact the local response healthcare center
Go home to family and receive local treatment
Go to a public health facility and wait for medical care
The new Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 originated from?
Sea food
Is there a vaccine for Corona virus?
Yes but they are expensive
Not sure
Which one of these is most effective against the Corona virus?
Eating garlic
Saline solution
Bleach and household disinfectants
Can animals Infect humans with the COVID-19?
yes, they can
No animal sources have been confirmed
Corona viruses are known to cause one of these
Digestive Infection
Circulatory infection
Respiratory infection
Excretory infection
Who is less susceptible to severe illness from Corona virus?
The elderly
People with High blood pressure
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