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which sign suits you the best??

Is your partner romantic?
what would you value the most?
what's your ideal first date?
chilling at home and watching netflix
expensive restaurant date
shopping and wandering downtown
stargazing and endless talking
concerts and partying
really cute coffee shops that youve never been to
art museum and taking photos
exploring every part of the city
cooking at home and video games
yoga and trying vegan recipes
arcade and playing really heated games
chillin on top of the highest building in the city
what should your partner make you feel?
like you can do anything and everything
safe and protected
interested and intrigued
cared for and at ease
really important
responsible and inspired
wild and deeply in love
emotionally vulnerable and open
having endless opportunities
the future is clear
always surprised
charmed and connected
what's one pet peeve you could stand?
victim complex
do you fall in love easily?
what's the most important trait for your partner to have?
to defend you and fight for you
to value you, to be their priority
to keep in touch in communication
to be able to comfort you
to buy you everything
to lend a helping help in everything
to make you look good everywhere
to go through everything together
to always keep things fun and entertaining
to make sure you're always doing your best
to be your partner in crime and stay by your side
to make your wishes come true
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