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Return to Sport

I have been absent from sport for...
one month
six months
one year
more than one year
In the past I have participated in physical activity
Hardly Ever
Infrequently with many stop start periods
Regularly with only a few stop start occasions
Consistently with minimal stop start occasions
Enthusiastically with rare stop start occurances
I wish to return to sport following
a desire to change my life for the better
a recent injury
an old or persistent injury
a change to the demands of my family or work etc
some other change in my life or circumstances
I predict my return to sport process will take
one month
two months
six months
a year
more than a year
I expect I have to improve my physical capability in
one area, limb, joint
two areas, limbs, joints
multiple areas including heart conditioning, weight management, muscle and joint health
many areas due to extensive physical trauma my body has suffered
My return to sport needs to overcome
Pain or stiffness or joint rehabilition
Scarring and Post Operative Circumstances
Gaps in my physical education
Lack of confidence at this time
Strong competition from my fellow competitors
My level of commitment to return to sport is
Wavering because of fears I might not be able to
Apprehensive but hopeful I can follow the steps put before me and succeed
Confident, just show me what to do
HIgh level of Perseverance. I have a big challenge/ goal and I am determined.
{"name":"Return to Sport", "url":"","txt":"I have been absent from sport for..., In the past I have participated in physical activity, I wish to return to sport following","img":""}