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Test Your CIT/ JC Knowledge!

What should you do if a camper is homesick?
Talk about home
Distract them with fun camp activities
Ignore them
Offer them candy
Where do you go to pick up your 3pm snack?
The apple orchard
Your dorm
The health office
Oak office
If you're a CIT, what responsibility do you have on Thursday before Pinecrest?
To carry lunch supplies to the buses
Make sure kids are ready to leave
Program cleanup
Say hi to Pheobe
All of the above
None of the above
What should you do with your phone/ electronics during the week?
Keep it on you at ALL times
Call your friends back home
Throw it in the pool
Give it to Leah at your meeting
How many JC's and CIT's should be at a table?
1 of each
None, sleep through all meals
3 CITs, up to 2 JCs
a table of only CITs and JCs
If you're a JC, what time should you be at AI?
20 minutes early
Whenever you feel like it
5 minutes late
Right on time
What is the name of our pet snake in the Disco Hut
El Rey
Tar Tar
When should you dismiss your class?
30 minutes early
15 minutes late
2 minutes early
What should you do if a camper Gets injured/ has to go to the bathroom during class?
Stop your whole class
Ditch the camper
Send a CIT to go with them
Let them go alone
How much fruit juice is in Tampico?
Less than 3%
Less than 1%
BONUS! - You unlocked the Jr. Imagineering Club! Give us your awesome theme ideas down below!
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