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Which Telenovela Character Type Are You?

You're about to run into your crush on the street, what's the first thing you do?
Ignore him until he stops to say hello.
Pop a breath mint and flash your best smile.
Immediately hide.
Pretend to faint to draw his attention.
Your best friend just confessed to being a notorious bank robber and she needs your help. You:
Call the police. No friendship is above the law.
Go on the lam together! You love an adventure.
Hide her in your mansion for as long as you can.
Convince her to give all the money to those in need like Robin Hood!
A handsome stranger offers to whisk you away for a whirlwind vacation, but you'd have to leave your ailing mother's side. Would you:
Go! My bags are already packed.
Stay, nothing is more important than family.
Your daughter has disobeyed you and eloped without your permission. What do you say when you see her?
"I hope you truly love him."
"Get out of my house!"
"I'm just sad we didn't get to plan a party."
"Divorce is always an option."
Your long-lost sibling reappears after going missing 15 years ago. How do you react?
Sibling? I don't have a sibling!
Demand a DNA test.
Hire a private investigator.
Invite the whole family over for a welcome home party!
{"name":"Which Telenovela Character Are You?", "url":"","emurl":1,"txt":"Telenovelas are the ultimate in drama, comedy and entertainment. Find out which character you'd be in your own series! And don't miss DESTINY OF DESIRE, Karen Zacarías' new comedy at Goodman Theatre through April 16!\/Destiny","img":"","accounts":"@GoodmanTheatre","hash":"#DestinyCHI"}
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