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Using Glitterflake Quiz

What Gel coat is recommended to be used with Glitterflake?
Tooling Gel Coat
Clear Gel Coat
Color Gel Coat
All of the Above
What size are the flakes offered at Fibre Glast?
How many mils of catalyzed Gel Coat should be applied before the Glitterflake coat when using in mold?
12-14 mils
1-3 mils
20-25 mils
3-5 mils
What percentage is Glitterflake normally added to Gel Coat at by weight?
What can happen to your gel coat if you add in more than 20% of Glitterflake?
Curing Problems
Ripples in the surface
All of the above
What Colors of Glitterflake are offered at Fibre Glast?
Silver, Gold, Red, Blue
Green, Black, White, Gold
Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow
Orange, Yellow, Silver, Black
When applying Glitterflake to an outside surface, what should be applied before moving on to the Glitterflake/Clear Gel Coat layer?
Styrene Wax
Pigmented (Color) Gel Coat
Clear Gel Coat
What is the recommended way to apply Glitterflake/Gel Coat?
All of the Above
When working with Glitterflake, why is it important to be careful?
Glitterflake is Toxic
Glitterflake is Hot
Glitterflake is easily suspended in Air
All of the Above
What can you use if Glitterflake is clogging your Spray gun?
Larger Nozzle
Smaller Nozzle
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