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Russian Revolution

On what date did Tsar Nicholas II abdicate the throne?
8 March
12 march
15 March
16 March
Who founded the Bolshevik Party?
Karl Marx
Joseph Stalin
Vladamir Lenin
Leon Trotsky
Where was Leon Trotsky assassinated?
Mexico City
During the Russian Revolution, where was Vladimir Lenin exiled to?
Which book is an allegory for the Russian Revolution?
Brave New World
Animal Farm
Lord of the Flies
What were the monarchists referred to during the Russian civil war?
The Red Army
The White Army
The Blue Army
The Tsarist Army
Who became the Minister Chairman of the Russian Provisional Government?
Alexander Kerensky
Pavel Milyukov
Mikhail Tereshchenki
Dmitry Verderevsky
Following the February Revolution, what was addressed in Petrograd Soviet Order No. 1?
Military to only obey order of the Soviet Government
The establishment of the Provisional Government
The abolition of the Russian Monarchy
Made provisions for the election of officers
On 1 November 1905, where did Rasputin first meet Tsar Nicholas II?
Alexander Palace
Mariinsky Palace
Catherine Palace
Peterhof Palace
Which of these was NOT a party in the 1917 Russian Constituent Assembly election?
Socialist Revolutionaries
Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
Popular Socialists
As a result of the February Revolution, who suggested that Tsar Nicholas II should abdicate the throne?
Michael Alexandrovich
Alexander Kerensky
Nikolai Ruzsky
Nikolai Golitsyn
Who was the first post imperial Prime Minister of Russia?
Grigori Rasputin
Georgy Lvov
Nikolai Golitsyn
Nikolai Ruzsky
In which year did Bloody Sunday occur?
Which of these was NOT a directive of Vladimir Lenin's April Theses?
Calls for the abolition of the police
Assertions that Russia was passing through the first phase of the revolution
Condemning the provisional government as bourgeois
Calling for a parlimentary republic to be established
What was another name for the Bolshevik party?
Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party
Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
Russian Popular Socialist Party
Constitutional Democratic Party
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