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Growing up, I wanted to be:
In a career or ministry that would help and give back to people
A wife and mom
In a position that would give me a great corner office
In some type of management/leader/decision maker role
During the week you can find me:
Running the house, taking care of kids, cooking, cleaning, and running errands
Driving between appointments
Going to women's groups, bible studies, or community events
At my 9-5
Being creative, planning, working on something that brings me joy
My friends would describe me as:
Sweet, kind, thoughtful
Hilarious, adventurous, always down for a good time
Responsible, wise, and a good listener
Usually saying what is on my mind with no filter
When I feel uncomfortable, I tend to:
Shut down, get quiet
Get defensive
Rationalize, shout, and try to convince the other party of my viewpoint
Worry that I said something wrong to upset the other person
The best job in the world is:
working from home so I can work at my own pace and at my own time
where I am respected and have decision making/authority
raising my children and being with my family
a position where I make the money to live the lifestyle I want
My view on marriage, whether currently married or not:
It is really important that my husband respects my career and plans for growth
My husband needs to contribute equally to the home, children, and career
My husband is my first priority, before my career and before our children
Marriage isn't right for me right now.
My favorite website is:
Pinterest, Etsy, or something creative
Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes or other business development sites
Social media sites to hang out and connect with others
Blogs- I love to read and learn from other people's journeys
Saturday afternoon you may find me:
Lunch with my mentor
Spa day with a girlfriend
Working on a new project, design, idea
Quiet time with my family
On social media I follow people who are:
Old highschool and college friends
People from church and my community
Thought leaders, self development gurus, and mentors
Anyone who seems interesting
If you caught me reading, the book would probably be about:
Stories and adventure
Self help, how-to's
Business development and ideas
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