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What type of gamedec are you?

What motivated you to become a gamedec?
What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check your email
Drink coffee
Go back to sleep
Have a breakfast
You get a new case, what do you do?
Imagine what can you buy with the payment
Research your employer
Install the software you might need
Get to work as soon as possible
You found out that your employer is not who he claimed to be and he is the bad guy in this scenario. What do you do?
Blackmail them for money
Keep track of their bad deeds, for further usage
Suggest you can help
Refuse to continue working for them
What is your favourite location in the game so far?
Twisted and Perverted – fullfilling primal needs and the thrill to kill is my game
Knight’s Code – I like to be bossy and order people what to do
Realium – You like to be in the center of attention
Harvest Time – nature, fresh air and chill is everything you need
You have a possible suspect, what do you do?
Intimidate them – you like to be in charge
Make them angry and hope that they slip
Play good cop and try to manipulate them
Make them trust you so you can discover their secrets
You have some spare time to fill, what do you do?
Look for another job
Play the newest game
Go out and meet people – the streets are talking
Go to sleep – resting is important
You have been trolled in a game, what do you do?
Buy better items and kill them over and over again
Inspect the troll and find out who they really are
Describe the situation to your social media followers
Report their abuse to the admins
What type of games are you most interested in?
sci-fi space sims
esport titles
What bugs you the most?
Running out of whisky
{"name":"❤️ I just took a Gamedec personality test! 🔎 #IamGamedec 🕵️ Take a quiz here ➡️ http:\/\/\/GamedecQuiz 🔥 My Results:", "url":"","txt":"What motivated you to become a gamedec? Do you value power over fame? What did you get?","img":"","accounts":"@gamedecthegame","hash":"gamedec"}
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