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Dental Zenith Quiz : Will you survive 2019 and beyond as a dentist?

1. Are you a dentist?
Are you a clinic owner?
No but i'm the decision maker
No, but i will open my own clinic very soon
2. Years of experience?
3. Area of speciality?
General dental practitioner
Cosmetic dentist
I do a combination of all the above
4. Describe dentistry with 1 of these words?
5. What's the most important thing to be a great dentist?
Patient satisfaction
Patient relationship
Dental economics
Dental skills
Latest technology mastery
Solid marketing
6. How do you see dentistry changing in the next 10 years?
A lot
A bit
Relatively the same
7. Do you also do botox/fillers?
No, but i will
8. Do you think dentistry is also business?
9. Do you like to analyse the economic side of your practice?
Yes, every month
Yes, when i have time but not my priority
No, there are people responsible for that.
No, it works out by itself.
I did, but not anymore
10. Choose one that fits you best :
Dental marketing is extremely important
Dental marketing is kind of important
Dental marketing isn't needed, referals is enough
11. What is your office using for marketing?
1. Referals only
2. Referals and newspaper ads
3. Referals and facebook/instagram posting
4. Referals, social media posting and social media advertisements.
We don't need marketing
12. Do you think technology will change a lot in dentistry in the future?
13. Do you think it's important to adopt new technologies?
Maybe, but it's not super important even if you want to grow
No, i focus only on what i know to do.
14. Choose 1 of your current fears :
1. Patients not returning back to me
2. Competitor taking a lot of potential local area patients
3. Not able to increase profits consistently
4. Very stressed about management of the clinic.
5. Not being to take time off, i seem to be constantly working non-stop.
15. What do you think is causing the problem?
1. My dental skills isn't enough but i'm working on it.
2. Competitor's pricing is much better but i believe my service is better.
3. My marketing system isn't providing me with enough new patients
4. I don't have a marketing system
5. My staff needs training
6. I am not getting enough high-paid patients.
16. Do you think your problem can be fixed by yourself?
Yes, i can do it all by myself.
Yes, but it will take a big part of my time and energy
No, i would need external help by specialised companies.
17. Do you have a budget to fix your problem?
My problem doesn't require a budget.
No, i don't have a budget right now but i'm working on it.
18. Choose an animal to describe dentistry?
19. Choose one of these precious stones to describe dentistry?
Ruby (red stone)
Emerald (green stone?
Sapphire (blue stone)
Pearl (white stone)
{"name":"Dental Zenith Quiz : Will you survive 2019 and beyond as a dentist?", "url":"","txt":"This personality test combines years of dental experience and research to reveal which type of dentist you are and your future success statistics! Take it to find out and get the bonus gift at the end!","img":""}
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