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Which one of my characters are you?

What's your idea of a great weekend?
staying at home with some nice videos to watch, and a lot of snacks!
probably checking out some local fairs, see if they need someone to play the guitar
if i'm not getting laid, was it even a weekend?
What's your favorite color?
probably green
i don't know man, just not pink, that's for chicks
You're going out on a date, what are you wearing?
a nice hoodie, some skinny jeans or a big skirt, and vans shoes. you can never go wrong with vans shoes!
hm, probably a button up and some jeans
anything clean, god i hope i have SOMETHING clean... nothing some bodyspray can't fix though
What's your favorite snack?
cookies! or brownies! or maybe stackable chips... gosh, i love snacks!
you can never go wrong with a nice trail mix
flamin' hot cheetos. or maybe takis. can we get hot wings though?
Your mom is calling, how do you reply?
"oh, hey mom... yeah i can talk, what's up?"
"hey mom, can i call you back later? i'm driving right now"
"i'm *fake noise* on a *fake noise* tunnel right now! *fake noise* i'll call you back! *fake noise* *hangs up*
Your friends invite you to a bar, what's your drink of choice?
anything fruity! or chocolatey!
i try not to drink, but i can't say no to a whiskey sour
What do you have on your backpack right now?
my gameboy advance, some stackable chips, chapstick and a notebook with pens!
a full change of clothes, some bottles of water, some bags of trail mix, my mini solar panel, some headphones and my phone charger
dirty clothes from the gym, and condoms. a guy has needs bro!
How much money do you have on your wallet right now?
uh, just enough for the bus... but i have my debit card full!
enough cash to have food for about 3 days, and a full debit card
oh... haha, guess i left my wallet at home
What kind of music do you like?
experimental music, like plunderphonics and noise, but i also like ambient and new age!
indie rock, but mostly slowcore
i don't know, whatever's playing at the gym i guess
You're getting hit on by a girl, what do you do?
"hehe i'm flattered, but i'm prettttty gay"
"hey, i got some coffee on my van, wanna come? i have it parked right on the beach"
"heyyy cutie, wanna ditch this place and go get some hot wings? or just jump straight to the bathroom?"
You're getting hit on by a guy, what do you do?
"hehe thanks dude, i'm flattered, but i'm not interested"
"hey, do you like rock? i can probably play a little something for you on my guitar"
hahahaha i'm not gay dude, hahaha *sweats* i like chicks bro, haha *sweats* why would you think i'm gay? *sweats* hahahaha
You go to an art gallery and see a Jackson Pollock painting. How do you react?
"abstract expressionism is amazing, but Pollock was an awful person. His influence is undeniable though"
"huh, not really my thing, but it's very interesting and nice"
"...looks like my bathroom after a night out"
...And on that same art gallery, you see a Mark Rothko painting. How do you react?
"it truly is an amazing experience to just stand in front of one of his paintings. his presence is undeniable, he really is an amazing artist"
"oh wow, i do like the colors. i can see why people love this, i kinda like this"
"huh, someone left their bedsheet there"
A friend shows up at your house after a tough breakup. What do you do?
i talk with them for as long as they need it!
i offer them a shoulder to cry on
i take them to the club to meet some chicks
Last question! What things do you post on your instagram?
pretty much everything! cool stuff i buy, nice aesthetic pics, some selfies, stuff i bake, everything!
mostly just landscapes, maybe new records i buy, but i'll probably delete those pics later
gym selfies, stuff from my nights out, and hot wings
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