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What type of manager are you?

In my first hour at the office (unless there is an emergency) I:
Quickly check my email then say hello to people.
Chat with colleagues for a few minutes then get to work.
Get to my office and start working.
Chat with colleagues.
When it comes to decision-making:
I encourage others to express their views before a decision is made.
I just make the decision. That's what I'm paid for!
I tend to facilitate lengthy discussions.
I let others take a lead.
The most important thing to me at work is:
Doing what I need to do.
Getting on with others.
Getting paid.
Managing projects and people effectively.
When it comes to coaching team members:
I enjoy seeing others develop.
Why don't they just read a book about it?
Coaching is a new silly fad - people need to be taught or told.
It's a great opportunity to get to know each other better.
In terms of my time-management:
I make time for both projects and people.
I tend to spend too much time with people.
I just take it as it comes.
My priorities are targets and deadlines.
In looking after my team:
I see it as an important part of my role.
It's crucial as otherwise they will slack.
They are adults who can look after themselves.
It's the best part of my job!
In complex tasks:
I do them myself, it is easier.
I enjoy teaching team members how to do them.
I try and disappear.
I ask my team whether they are struggling and how I can help them.
I go to work:
To become a better professional.
To have an enjoyable time.
Because it pays the bills.
To get things done.
In difficult conversations with team members who are underachieving:
I quickly tell them what they need to be doing.
I take time to explore how they are feeling.
I suggest they speak to HR.
I try and build up their self-confidence and coach the on how to improve.
Breaking complex tasks into smaller, more manageable ones is easy for me.
It's what I enjoy most.
Yes, and I communicate the process to my team.
Occasionally the case.
Very rarely the case.
Paying attention to detail:
It's important to spot where others have got it wrong and tell then about it.
Is important and something I encourage my team to do.
Is something I sometimes focus on.
Is not best use of my time.
I am exacting and demanding.
This is crucial as a manager.
Yes, and I explain reasons to colleagues.
I try, but it is important to avoid alienating others.
Very rarely the case.
It is important to have lunch with my team quite regularly.
Yes, it helps us get on better.
No, I have work to do.
Yes, it helps us work better as a team.
No, I don't go to work to make friends.
During one-to-one meetings with team members:
I enjoy discussing their achievements and areas for improvement.
I am thinking 'I have work to do'.
It's an opportunity to help them develop as professionals, and our team achieves targets.
I try to get out of them.
When there are complex tasks:
I excel.
Leave them to me, they are mine!
I delegate them.
It's an opportunity to learn how to work better as a team.
Comes easily to me.
Is not something I am very good at.
Is annoying.
Is an opportunity to focus and get on with things.
I am:
Mainly analytical.
Mainly relational.
Neither analytical nor relational.
Quite strong in both.
A good team:
Is friendly and cohesive.
Is an invaluable resource.
Is a group of individuals who are each excellent.
Teams are an annoyance at work.
The tasks I enjoy most are those which:
Are challenging.
Are challenging and require team effort.
Require lots of discussions and working with others.
I can do on my own without strict deadlines.
When others make mistakes:
I focus on fixing things.
I focus on ensuring the person does not feel discouraged.
I show them what needs doing and how to use it as a learning experience.
I let them sort it out.
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