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1. Which Defender is your perfect date?

How would you prefer to be asked out?
An extravagant gesture in front of a large crowd would knock you off your feet.
You’d love to be asked at an old spot that has meaning to both of you.
It’d be really exciting to be given a set of instructions to follow in order to discover what the date is.
You sort of just want your date to demand you go out with them.
A prank that results in a surprise date invite would be really creative and fun.
You’d be quite impressed if the invite was delivered to you with a drone.
2. What is the most ideal mode of transportation to the date?
A flashy sports car.
A boat ride.
The back of a giant monster.
Teleporting there.
A rugged, mud-stained vehicle.
A robot mech.
3. Where are you hoping your date is taking you?
A spot where we can show off to a crowd a little bit, like karaoke.
A cute picnic at the beach.
A natural history museum or zoo.
A private date where it’s just the two of you completely alone.
A football game.
An arcade.
4. Are you into PDA?
Yes, I want people to stare.
A quick kiss is cute
No, you don’t want people to know you’re into touchy-feely stuff.
No, you hate drawing attention to yourself.
Yes, you like to cause a commotion.
They can hold your hand if they’re lucky.
5. What would you want the conversation to be about?
All about me, of course.
You want to know more about them and understand their motives.
You’d love to talk about work and goals.
You plan to stay pretty silent the whole night.
You’re spontaneous — whatever comes up in the moment.
Movies, video games — you don’t talk much about yourself, but would love a good Godzilla vs. Kong debate.
6. What is your ideal partner’s career?
Something heroic, like a firefighter/model.
Whatever makes them happy.
Working with animals.
You’d rather not know what they do.
Something in the tech field.
7. It’s time for some food. What are you ordering?
An overstuffed burrito with the works.
A flavorful vegan dish.
C. Something traditional and simple.
You don’t like to eat in front of people — or really do anything in front of people.
A burger or pizza. You like the classics.
A savory, hearty bowl of ramen.
8. When your date drops you off, what are you hoping to hear?
“I knew you’d want to see me again — so let’s do it.”
“I would love to know more about you.”
“I’m busy with work the next few weeks, but we should do this again sometime.”
“Pretend you never even saw me or you’re dead.”
“Let’s do something a bit crazier next time.”
“Want to meet my robot mech?”
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