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Do you sleep like a baby?

What time do you usually wake-up in the morning?
I wake-up at 6.45.
I wake-up at 5.00
I wake-up at 7.00.
I wake-up at 6.00.
Do you eat a lot for dinner?
Yes, sometimes. And I often drink Coke or soda.
No, never. I have vegetables.
Yes, I sometimes have vegetables, and I eat a lot of meat, too.
Yes, I eat meat, lots of potatoes or pasta, and sweets.
Do you often read a book in the evening?
No, never. I hate reading.I prefer video games.
Yes, usually. I enjoy reading in bed.
Yes, but rarely. Books are not my cup of tea.
I always read before sleeping, it's a routine for me.
Do you sometimes take a hot bath in the evening?
No, I never have a bath, I always have a shower.
Yes, but rarely.
Yes, I take two hot baths a week in the evening.
Yes, I usually have three baths a week in the evening.
What music do you listen to before going to bed?
I listen to pop music.
I listen to calming music.
I listen to rap.
I listen to jazz.
Do you usually watch TV before sleeping?
No, never.
Yes, sometimes, at weekends.
I rarely watch TV before going to bed. Only during the holiday.
Yes, I always watch TV, I can also watch it in bed.
When do you turn off your smart phone?
Never! Are you kidding?
Every evening before going to bed, or I leave it in the kitchen.
I use it in bed, then I switch it off.
I don't have a smart phone, I use my tablet and switch it off before going to bed...
What do you usually drink in the evening?
I often drink water but I sometimes drink soda.
I often drink water or tea.
I always drink water.
I often drink coffee or tea and I rarely have water.
Is your bed comfortable?
Yes, I have a comfortable bed, I love it!
No, my bed is hard and cold.
Yes, my bed is quite comfortable.
No, I sleep on the sofa.
How many hours' sleep do you get every night?
I get from 5 to 6 hours' sleep.
I get from 8 to 9 hours' sleep.
I get from 7 to 8 hours' sleep.
I get from 6 to 7 hours' sleep.
How often do you do sport? When?
I do sport in the evening.
I exercise in the morning or in the afternoon.
I don't do any sport at all.
I only do sport at school, because I have to.
What time do you go to bed?
I go to bed at 9.30 pm.
I go to bed at 11.00 pm.
I go to bed before 9.00 pm.
I go to bed round 10.00 pm.
Do you use tablets or phones in the evening? How long?
No, never.
Yes, usually, for 30-45 minutes.
Yes, rarely, for 10-20 minutes.
Yes, often, for 1-2 hours.
Do you often take a nap? (une sieste)
Yes, every day!
Usually, yes!
No, never!
I sometimes do.
How much time do you give yourself between your nap and when you go to sleep?
5 or 10 minutes.
One hour.
4 hours.
Two hours.
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