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Am I suitable for Kyokushin Karate?

Bleeding and bruises in class
Pay monthly fees to get injuries? Crazy!
If it's not too serious, OK
I love to bleed and I wear my bruises proudly
Practice karate at home
Once a week is enough, it's just a hobby
When I feel like it, then I practice
Every single damn day
I expect to receive black belt in ....
1 year ,because I'm talented
4 years, because that's the average duration
When I am deemed worthy by my teacher
When I am denied grading
I send long messages justifying my right to have a grading
The teacher must hate me
I self reflect and practice harder
There's a party on training day
Let's party!!! I can always train next week
Go train and then arrive all sweaty for party
When there is a tournament...
My cat conveniently gives birth at that time, so I'm not free
Sign up and chicken out on tournament day
Sign up and show up
When I lose the tournament...
Sulk and blame the referee
Smile, shake hands but secretly hate my opponent
There are no losers only quitters
I have a black belt in another martial art. When I join Kyokushin Karate,
I would like to get a black belt faster than average beginners
I would like to maintain my black belt or give me a promotion
Any belt color will do
{"name":"Am I suitable for Kyokushin Karate? - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Bleeding and bruises in class, Practice karate at home, I expect to receive black belt in ....","img":""}