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Which console hero are you?

I am always hungry!
Yes, I am!
No, I’m not really crazy about food.
Sometimes I really crave food, but my life doesn’t revolve around it.
If tickets to the movie I want to watch are sold out, I…
Buy tickets for a different movie.
Go home and sulk.
Argue with the cinema staff until they sell me tickets or kick me out.
Whenever there is a mirror, I just have to check my reflection
Absolutely, I do!
If I have a new hairdo or jacket, mirrors are like magnets to me.
No, I am like a vampire. If I look into a mirror, there is no reflection
I honour my commitments.
Commitments are like candy: first they are sweet, then they are gone.
Call me Mr. / Mrs. Responsibility!
It depends on my mood for the day.
I pitch my arguments to people’s heads rather than their hearts.
I’d rather be nice than right.
That is the only way to go. We are not in Kindergarten!
I like to win an argument, but not at any cost.
If I overhear a friend badmouthing me, I…
Feel a little angry, and I might not want to see them for a while.
Don’t mind. That friend is always badmouthing people.
Am furious and might consider ending the friendship. This is a breach of trust!
After voicing a strong opinion in a group, I…
Meditate to calm my nerves.
Worry that I might have sounded like an idiot.
Feel that people should heed my wisdom, considering my intelligence.
I can’t live without…
My clothes.
My computer.
Do you wear clothes that fit well and showcase your best features?
I have plenty of self-confidence and like to flaunt what I have.
I like to shine up here and there, but usually I wear what I can find in my closet.
The baggier, the better!
I always expect the best from everyone!
Well, people should at least put in some effort.
Meh… who cares?
I am an inspiration to younger people.
Yes! Younger folks tend to look up to me.
Not really. I don’t care about others.
Sort of. Perhaps to my younger sister?
You have a fight with a family member and don’t speak for a week. Then, she asks for forgiveness, but won’t admit that she was in the wrong. What do you do?
I forgive her and give her a hug. I was probably unreasonable at the time, too.
I forgive her, I guess. I’m still not happy about it but I can’t hold a grudge for long.
I know everyone expects me to forgive her, but I’m not that kind of person. She needs to own up to her fault!
If you were a movie star, what genre would you specialise in?
I have a psychic ability to “know” and predict things…
Yes! I think one of my ancestors was a medicine man.
I “know” nothing! Absolutely nada!
Yes, sometimes I’m hit with a sudden burst of second sight!
I still sleep with a teddy bear.
No, I dismembered all of my teddy bears.
No, I lost them.
No, but I keep my teddy bear in a special box, alongside some other childhood items.
Of course!
My friend is sick with flu. I...
Text him two days later to see how he is feeling.
Check on him every day and keep him up to date with any gossip he might be missing.
Welcome him back… once he’s recovered, of course.
My workout schedule...
Exercise is my passion!
I do some kind of workout activity every day.
Depends on the week, but I try go for a run or a class every few days.
I have taken a break. Planning on getting back into it though.
I manage time well.
I am overwhelmed by the amount of tasks I need to fit into my working hours.
Occasionally, I succeed in managing my time properly. It’s something to celebrate!
I am a master of time management. People call me “the time keeper”.
I prefer to hunt...
Squirrels. Cute but quick!
Bears. Something solid for the plate.
I don’t hunt. I might help eat the catch, but I let others do the dirty work.
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