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EcoTraining Nature Quiz: Climate change

What is climate change?
The process of the planet heating up
The earth running out of natural minerals to sustain itself
The shift in seasons and weather
What is the ‘Greenhouse Effect’?
When gases are released into the atmosphere creating a massive and expanding hole in the ozone resulting the earth heating up
When gases are released into the atmosphere creating an invisible blanket trapping the heat from the sun on the earth surface.
When huge landscapes of trees are cut down resulting in less protection of the earths surface from the sun, preventing the earth from cooling down.
Agriculture also contributes towards ‘Greenhouse Gases”? Which of the following is TRUE with regard to this statement?
Methane gas from livestock farting
Combustion of Gasoline and Diesel Fuels to run equipment
Deforestation to create more farmlands
All of the above
Warmer climate as a result of climate change can impact on our planet in a number of ways. Which of the following is NOT an effect of climate change?
Rising sea levels
Changing seasons
Shrinking sea ice
No droughts
Our wildlife is under threat from climate change. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
More whales will die from surfacing on land due to the rising sea temperature causing them to loose their navigation.
Polar bears and seal species are loosing their habitat from the arctic sea ice that is melting at a 9% per decade.
Apes and orangutans living in Indonesia are under threat from deforestation, drought causing bush fires.
Sea Turtles nesting on beaches are threatened by the rising sea levels. The temperature determines whether the eggs are male or females. Rising temperatures could possibly cause all eggs to become female, threatening future populations.
Which forest is known as a carbon-storing power house where 1% of its tree species sequesters 50% of the regions carbon?
The Congo Basin forest in Africa
The Daintree Rainforest in Australia
The Amazon Rainforest in South America
The Black Forest in Germany
Methane-rich Biogas from biological waste through the fermentation of animal dung, crop residue and human sewage have some advantages such clean smokeless fuel.
Is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) a pollutant?
Have polar bears increased in population numbers as a result of climate change?
Clean energy is too expensive and unreliable.
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