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Advisor Perspectives April 23 Issue

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What is a "Minsky moment"?
When asset bubbles breed financial instability
When markets enter an extended bullish period
Always follows a market collapse
When rising debt leads to a financial depression
What was the Glass-Steagall Act's main goal?
To separate traditional banking activities from trading and investing practices
To allow trading and underwriting in non-government and non-investment-grade securities
To provide more capital and liquidity to spur economic activity
To assign new responsibilities to existing government agencies
What is Lawrence Kotlikoff's solution to calculating Expected Utility Maximization (EUM) for clients?
Using dynamic stochastic programming
Using Monte Carlo simulations
Using mock portfolios as inputs
Using lockboxes
How does the MaxiFiPRO tool do to solve the Expected Utility Maximization (EUM) problem?
It compares expected lifetime utility for the client’s base strategy as well as for two alternative strategies
Solves interdependence between spending and taxation
Solves cash and borrowing constraints
Uses a Monte Carlo simulation
What does Nobel Laureate Bill Sharpe's latest financial textbook cover?
Retirement planning analysis
Retirement modeling
Modeling investments
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