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Which foodie heroine are you?

Your favorite dessert is:
An ice cream sundae or milkshake
A warm slice of pie
I'd rather have a sandwich than dessert
A macaron
A donut
A cozy cup of hot cocoa
A cake pop
Your perfect Saturday afternoon would be spent:
Creating brand new recipes
Snapping pics in the park
Shopping at your fave consignment shop
Inventing fabulous new recipes
Eating a BLT
Taste-testing the special at the new restaurant in town
Riding your horse
Where would you rather live?
I'm a cosmopolitan girl.
Give me wide open pastures and sky-high corn.
I love suburbia and charming main streets.
Near the beach
You would describe yourself as:
Shy and quiet
Extroverted and outgoing
Loving the spotlight
A cynic with a biting sense of humor.
Extremely loyal with a tight-knit circle of friends.
Imaginative and creative
Your ideal job would be:
A prima ballerina
A Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter
An artist
A world-famous baker
A fashion designer
The head chef at a trendy restaurant
A professional photographer
Your favorite place to eat is:
A charming French patisserie
A food truck
An old-fashioned ice cream parlor
A ecclectic milkshake shop
A cute, family-owned bakery
A cozy coffee shop
A trendy donut shop
You really love:
Your family
Your pets
New clothes
Your social image
Creating and designing art in all its forms
How would your friends describe you?
Leading the way
Happy to follow the crowd
You might have a crush on:
An artist
A musician
A baker
A mischief-maker
A cowboy
A superstar athlete
A movie star
An easy-going, laid back exchange student
A farmer
You're most likely to be found:
Scribbling stories in a notebook
Texting friends
Raiding your BFF's closet for a new outfit
Backstage fixing props during Drama Club practice
Wearing an elf costume at the mall's Santa photo booth
Covered in flour while you invent a new dessert
Picking vegetables in your aunt's rooftop garden
Hanging out at your dad's vet clinic, helping with the animals
Rehearsing your dance moves
{"name":"Which foodie heroine are you?", "url":"","txt":"Your favorite dessert is:, Your perfect Saturday afternoon would be spent:, Where would you rather live?","img":""}