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Discover Your Excitement Score! (10 questions)

You have a clear vision and can explain to your market/employees/partners why your brand is different, special, and exciting?
Yes, I have it all planned out.
Kind of. It changes or it's unclear.
No, I haven't thought about it much.
You have multiple lead generation strategies in place that helps feed new business into your sales pipeline?
Yes, we constantly experiment for what drives the most engagement and conversion.
We have one lead strategy, but could be doing more.
No real lead generation strategy in place.
You know exactly what strategy/channel is generating the most amount of leads, and new customer conversions?
Absolutely, I know where all of my leads come from and # of customers we convert.
We're working on it.
No, I haven't thought about it yet.
You are constantly getting referrals from industry partners, employees, and existing clients?
Yes, we have a formal customer, employee referral program.
We get referrals every now and then.
No one talks about us or refers us to their network.
Your emails are opened, read, and forwarded? Do people save them instead of deleting them, because they find value in your communications?
Yes, we have a high-industry email open and click through rate.
Standard open and click rates. We would like it to be higher.
Not sure. We don't have an email list or an active marketing email plan.
Does your brand/organization show up on Google organically for all of the keywords your prospects/customers search for when looking for a solution to their problems?
We have more than 10 keywords on the first page of Google search results.
We are working on improving our organic strategy.
No. I didn't even know I could get my brand onto the first page of Google.
Is your website up to date, interactive, and set up to drive conversions based on your business goals?
Yes. We watch how visitors use our website and improve for the best conversions.
We update our site annually.
No. We need to update our site and implement those ideas.
If web visitors leave your site they are retargeted and see banner ads, which increase your brand recognition?
Yes, we have great success with retargeting.
We tried it, but I'm not sure if it was successful.
No, what is retargeting?
Your organization has a CRM (customer relationship management) system that your sales people actually use, which includes key features to help buyers make decisions about purchases?
Absolutely. All of our team members use one CRM and marketing tools to grow our business.
We have a CRM, but we're not sure if it's working well.
No. We are struggling to get everyone on the same page.
Do you constantly set goals, exceed, and recalibrate with your marketing/sales team?
Yes. We definitely set goals and have no problem reaching them every time.
We reach some of our goals.
No. We have trouble reaching the goals we set for ourselves.
{"name":"Discover Your Excitement Score! (10 questions)", "url":"","txt":"You have a clear vision and can explain why your brand is different, special, and exciting?, You are attracting the right type of leads?, Your leads are growing at the rate you want them to?","img":""}
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