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What is Your Basketball Specialty?

How old are you?
How many years have you been playing competitive basketball?
When passed the ball, what’s your first instinct or preference?
I look for the easiest, most efficient way for our team to score, depending on the situation.
I want to shoot the ball.
I want to drive to the basket.
I look to score, using any means necessary.
What thrills you the most on offense?
Scoring—and it doesn’t matter where or how I do it.
Driving to the basket.
Making a good assist to get an easy shot for the team.
Hitting a three-pointer.
What do you most want to be known for?
Being a sharpshooter.
Driving and finishing at the basket.
Being a reliable scorer from anywhere on the court.
Seeing the whole court and making the best decision for the team in any given moment.
Which of the following best describes your style of play:
I love driving and breaking through defenses.
I see the whole picture.
When I get the ball in my hands, my primary focus is to score.
I look for open shots.
Of the following groups of players, which group matches your style of play the most? Which group would you most like to model?
LeBron James, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, John Stockton, Magic Johnson
DeMar DeRozan, Donovan Mitchell, Derrick Rose, Ja Morant, Kemba Walker, Dwayne Wade, Manu Ginobli, Dominique Wilkins
Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, JJ Redick, Joe Harris, Kyle Korver, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr
James Harden, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan
I'd rather:
Give my teammates scoring opportunities.
Score myself.
I'd rather:
When I drive to the basket, my primary intention is to:
Shift the defense.
I'd rather:
Be patient and wait for passes to hit open three-pointers.
Have the ball in my hands and beat my man in an ISO situation.
My favorite place to score from is:
In the paint, finishing at the basket.
Doesn’t matter—I can score from anywhere on the court.
I'd rather score:
From behind the three-point line.
At the basket.
{"name":"What is Your Basketball Specialty?", "url":"","txt":"How old are you?, How many years have you been playing competitive basketball?, When passed the ball, what’s your first instinct or preference?","img":""}
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