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What Type of Escape Room
Player Are You Actually?

A) Nothing is ever out of place
B) I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached
C) Could be better
D) Ha, nope
A) I have the capacity of a sloth
B) I'm the next Einstein
C) It gets me by
D) Yup
A) No, I need details
B) Yes, let's see where it goes
C) Sometimes
D) I'm busy, I need structure
A) I do work under pressure
B) Nope, I'm like a deer in headlights
C) I can manage
D) Always 100, no matter what
A) Better leave that to someone else
B) Sign me up
C) To an extent
D) If I need to
A) I'm a natural behind the mic
B) No way
C) Depends on the size of the crowd
D) Bring it on
A) If there is a record, I'm going to break it
B) I just want to have fun
C) It's not about winning or losing, it's how you play the game
D) Life's an adventure
A) Flip the entire house upside-down
B) Walk to the destination
C) Call a ride
D) Just stay home
A) It's not me, it's them
B) I know somebody everywhere
C) Well, depends on the location
D) Sure
A) Definitely, all of them
B) Mostly
C) Depends on my ability
D) I am who I am
{"name":"What Type of Escape Room Player Are You Actually?", "url":"","emurl":1,"txt":"What type are you? Escape game success is all in the diversity of the team. From our experience at Room to Escape in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a strong, effective team reflects on the types of players of which it is composed. When building a team, it is important to have different types of people so that everyone thinks a bit differently from each other. Having players with different perspectives is essential when working on puzzles of different types, as it strengthens your chances of escaping. While there are no particular educational backgrounds or individual skills that can guarantee success, having a wide variety of skills should prepare you for any type of challenge in an escape room. Just to add some thrill, this quiz will be timed. Just like our escape rooms.","img":"","accounts":"@roomtoecsapefw","hash":"#RoomToEscape"}
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