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Irish Sailing - Let's Get Quizzical Week 8

Who sang the song Sailing
Rod Stewart
Christopher Cross
George Jones
Where did the term 'Above Board' originate
Because legal cargo was stored above decks
Because sailors ate in the open
Because all the rigging was up above
Because honest crew were above decks, while pitrates hid below
Who designed the mirror dinghy
Johnny Holt
Jack Holt
Peter Milne
Daily Mirror
What was the type of the original Mirror rig
Bermudan Sloop
Gaff Rig
What is this
Chart Compass
Paper Compass
Compass Rose
Chart Rose
Name this sea shanty - As I walked by the dockside one evening so fair, To view the salt water and take the sea air
Leave Her Johnny
Blow the Man Down
Drunken Sailor
Fiddlers Green
Where did the phrase Freeze the balls off a brass monkey come from?
Ships monkey geetting very cold at sea
Cannon balls freezing, when held by the ships monkey
Ring holding cannon balls contracting in the cold
A method of torture on board
Who designed the Flying Fifteen
Uffa Fox
Tom Ratcliffe
Prince Philip
What is the lenth of the Flying 15?
What sort of chart is this
In the Sea Shanty 'Donkey Riding', what was the donkey?
An Ass
A mule
An engine
A sailor
A square meal
Food served on the plate in a dquare pattern
Meals stacked and served from square boxes
Random phrase used to descriv
Square dinner plates
Who designed the Laser 1
Bruce Kirby
Dave Balfour
Jack Holt
Uffa Fox
What was the original name for the laser?
What is the name given to the chart markings, which the red arrows are point to
Traffic Markings
Seperation Guides
Maritime Laneways
Traffic Seperation Zone
What was the original purpose of sea shanties
For working
To entertain the officers
To keep the krakens away
For relaxing
Where did the phrase Footloose come from ?
From the foot of a sailor
From the foot of the sail
From the foot of the mast
From the foot of the companionway
Who designed the Wayfarer dinghy
Frank Dye
Phil Morrison
Ian Proctor
Bruce Kirby
What year was the Wayfarer designed
Which of the following is Norths, is not a recognised term
Magnetic North
True North
Grid North
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