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Toy Story

Which playful Pixar movie, released in 1995, is the first full-length feature film made entirely with computer generated imagery?
Toy Story
Finding Nemo
Lion King
Charlie Brown Christmas
Which beloved actor, who’s films have grossed more than $4.5 billion in the U.S. and Canada, making him the third-highest grossing actor in North America, voiced Sheriff Woody?
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Harrison Ford
Billy Crystal
What catchphrase, made famous by Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, was spoken by astronaut Buzz Aldrin in a 2017 meeting with the President?
To Infinity and Beyond
I see dead people
Adventure Is Out There!
Let It Go
Which comedian and star of Home Improvement, who has also starred in four Christmas movies, voiced Buzz Lightyear?
Tim Allen
Wallace Shawn
Don Rickles
Tom Hanks
Which friendly song, written and performed by Randy Newman, was nominated for an Academy Award but lost out to another Disney song, “Colors of the Wind”?
You’ve Got a Friend in Me
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
My Heart Will Go On
We Belong Together
Which famous doll, which has sold over a billion dolls since 1959, did not appear in Toy Story but did make an appearance in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3?
Monster High dolls
Cabbage Patch Kids
This famous comedian was Pixar’s first choice to voice Buzz Lightyear, but after he passed on the film, he voiced Mike Wazowski in the Monsters, Inc. movies.
Billy Crystal
Eddie Murphy
Robin Williams
John Goodman
Legendary insult comedian Don Rickles, who late-night star Johnny Carson dubbed “Mr. Warmth,” played which of Andy’s toys in Toy Story?
Mr. Potato-Head
Slinky Dog
Little Bo Peep
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